You are currently on a site that allows you to see cool pictures in 3D. 

All is good. 

This does not require glasses or special equipment, just a little perseverance and curiosity for the first time to perform an unusual visual gymnastics.You will then have access to a new type of original creations which use this new way of seeing in order to explore the uncharted territories of 3D.

If all this means nothing to you, It is still time to leave this site by clicking here.

Otherwise you can click on one of the images on the left side of the homepage, because they are actualy the buttons of the 3D creations menu. Yes, it is.

You will be in front of a savant device that allows to diverge the vision in order to see in 3D. At the center of this device, a series of circles (1) are separated by an equal gap that you can vary with the mouse wheel. At the bottom left you will find an animation (2) explaining the three steps that allow to diverge eyes in order to see the circles come off the background:


1- Bring the nose close to the screen, keeping the eyes in front of the two central circles

2-Scroll until you see the two fuzzy circles overlap and make only one

3- Look this circle while you move back slowly, keeping your eyelids just half-open



The circle will appear clear and will seem out of the background, you can now click to see the first 3D image, then again for the following.

If it is not yet clear, a more detailed explanation is available in the section about / stereoscopy

If you are afraid to damage your eyes or get stuck, you can reassure yourself by reading about / health section

If you want to know more about the project, you can read all the about section, it will be easier.

Finally, in the blog section you will find articles about the latest news of the project, about the 3D creations that are presented on it and about the contributors of this site.